over the years the team at iqpeople have been privileged to witness the forces that act on small and large organisations, and the consequences of those forces on both prepared and unprepared people.

It’s with this experience in mind that iqpeople have chosen to develop the programs below.  As a potential employee or an existing employer the development programs below are selected and designed for their effectiveness and cost.

We have three grades of development

skills development

Skills Development

As roles change, or even as technology presents new opportunities we can really gain confidence and effectiveness with these personal upgrades on Microsoft Windows tools.  One day courses for:

PowerPoint, Word, Excel Outlook, Access Word; PowerPoint; Project




Food for Thought

brown bags, after fives, or breakfast kick starters – these 45 minute sessions are designed to restore old lessons to the front of our mind.  You don’t need to wait for a couple of full day workshops to be reminded of things you’re team already know…but aren’t applying.  It’s a reminder but it’s also a refresher on models of behaviour for today.  Our topics are chosen to match the challenges your team are facing, just a few are included below:

  • Ten Soft Skills You Need
  • Attention Management
  • Communication Strategies
  • Delivering Constructive Criticism
  • Increasing Your Happiness

Emotional IQ

soft skills are hard to develop, but it’s like Peter Drucker said Culture eats Strategy for breakfast…so it’s important and that’s why our coaching approach extends for three months either side of the actual workshop delivery.

  • Team Leader Development
  • Effective Teams and Collaboration
  • Empowered Individuals

Sorry I missed the training

Not ideal, but in many cases we’re able to share the models we’ve discussed with team members who couldn’t make it.  So they’re not completely absent from the conversation we include access to much of our content, such as Digital Citizenship  Check it out