Flexible Temporary Staff Management

IQ People are able to provide a flexible model that scales up or down with your own presence in the Talent market place.  This means if you would like IQ People to conduct Search, Selection and Outsourced Management we’re able to provide that complete service for you.  If you’re looking for Permanent Staff you can find more information here.

Alternatively if your team and brand have already developed strong capabilities in sourcing your own candidates it would be crazy to engage IQ People for that phase.  Similarly if your teams are hit with the additional workload of managing the onboarding and offboarding of temporary staff IQ People can seamlessly stream that effort for you.

If along the way your team develop a competency for Search, Selection, People Management then you should be rewarded for that.  If your team is still developing that competence, let IQ People help, so you can focus on your mission, without surprises.

Our core competency is People. We understand people and more importantly we understand people management. That means search, selection, performance, and outplacement. We understand all of the emotion and compliance that goes with those activities as well. We also understand Single Touch Payroll, Insurances, Risk Management. Compliance vs Opportunity? We get it.

It’s for that reason IQ People can provide 3 people management solutions that your business can use to leverage your own core competencies. Let’s face it opportunities come and they go. Only when you’re ready can you seize those opportunities and exploit them for all they’re worth. So you’ll need people, maybe now, but you don’t know for how long. You have systems to payroll them, or you don’t. You know good candidates that are attracted to your brand, or maybe you don’t. Whatever your point A is, we can get you to point B when opportunity knocks.

Elastic Talent

We find the staff and match them to your demand. Turn it on, turn it up, turn it off. Let us handle the load. And we can handle the risk. You just grow.
So if you need to address short term assignments and aren’t sure where to start call IQ People? IQ People meet and work every day with new candidates for short term assignments. We can fill your short term requirements, and include a seamless guarantee for replacement. Working with your team, we’re are able to on board and offboard to optimise both compliance and performance engagement with Summer Foundation

Outsourced Staffing

You find the staff, we employ them. Avoiding Recruitment Fees and making the most of your brands ability to network and find the best people…that’s your strength.

From time to time you may need employees to drive or support specific campaigns and projects.  Often knowing where the best people are is a huge advantage to your team. But sometimes, during these busy phases, it can be difficult to find the bandwidth required to have onboarding and offboarding conversations, let alone the set up of short term payroll including Superannuation, PAYG and Workcover insurances.  When this happens IQ People are able to provide management of Temporary staff.  This includes ABN Contractors and PAYG Casuals.  As temporary employees of IQ People, your team will receive an on-line timesheet for approval each week and your Accounts Payable team receive an invoice.

Single Touch Payroll Management

Your staff, your rates, your super and your insurances. We provide Single Touch Payment management with on line timesheeting for your employees and payment of your PAYG, Superannuation and Wages. Is your payroll ATO ready for STP compliance in 1 July 2018?  Not sure what we mean, here’s some more information from the ATO



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it’s about matching and flow

When hiring Office Administrator Temp and Perm staff in Melbourne, it is no different from anywhere else, Perforance and Engagement are key. In his book, and Ted Talk, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi introduces not only the importance of getting into a state of flow at work, but how to establish the conditions that maintain it.  One of those key conditions is performing a challenging role that you have been prepared for through previous skills development.

It’s a great day when you and your staff are focusing on the challenges that you’ve spent your career preparing for.  At IQ People that means working at Hiring and Managing our Permanent and Casual Employee teams.  A bad day is when I procrastinated about finding replacements for our Photocopier or comparing Mobile Phone Data Plans.  It’s just not my thing, and that’s why we outsource it.  I enjoy IT stuff, but I’m not great at it, so we outsource that too, even though it’s enjoyable, it’s a distraction from the success we achieve through people.

It’s the same with your team and managing your talent pool. When it comes to making a decision about using an agency or DIY the considerations have changed in recent years.

Searching for you next Hire Let’s be honest, employers these days are often in a better position to search for candidates through social media networks.  LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and not to mention how easy it is to log your own advert on job boards like Seek.  So if you can get the messaging right, and if you can attract a good pool of candidates, why wouldn’t you do the search yourself?

Selecting your next Hire And let’s stay honest, once you have the candidates does your team have the systems and competencies to manage the selection process.  Is this the what their careers have been preparing for?  It’s what the team at IQ People have been.  We can talk to you about our latest Applicant Tracking Tools tools that actually read PDF resumes and match criteria, or our online Payroll Management tools that integrate with Superannuation, PAYG, PAYT, WorkCover and Award Interpretations,  we can talk to you about the ease of on line access and reporting for Psychometric Assessments; you can Google how to conduct Behavioural Interviews and even find some good questions on the web, but the right question is just an opening. Our expertise is drilling down on those questions and discovering the real story.  Does it take years to climb an experience curve before you can select strangers to join your company family…maybe not, but we think it does. You could say we’ve been preparing.

So if you have a natural capability in Search but want to minimise distraction from Selection, we can talk call 0418 429 731 phone icon and ask for Tony.