If your business wasn’t going through a change, or considering a change, it’s pretty unlikely that you would have found this page.

what people think we do

iqpeople fill vacancies and manage temps.  And of course we do, but only when that is the answer.

what  we really do

iqpeople ensure your people have the right stuff to achieve your strategic ambitions while absorbing all the distractions Business As Usual throws at you.  We’re consultative and we assist businesses with three challenges
Hiring and Team Building

I need to consider

hiring new staff Search and selection is what employers expect.  But you don’t want to hire on skills and fire on behaviours.  For this reason iqpeople are able to share our experience and tools to get your teams set for success search and selection

personality assessment

flexible staffing

developing my existing team Do you even need new hires? How can you prevent losing your top performers, while developing the potential in the rest of your team  

team lead development


downsizing it’s neither bad nor good it’s just necessary to reshape and refine from time to time.  This is an opportunity to grow your brand, reputation and industry influence by equipping your outgoing staff with the tools they need during this transition. outplacement program

outsourcing staffing


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