Partnering with World Class Assessors

iq-people have partnered with world class psychometric assessment teams enabling us to effectively use objective assessment in determining an individual’s potential to perform a job and to identify areas for development.
Organisations looking to optimise their talent management face questions such as:
how can we be sure we hire or promote people with the right potential for the role?
How can we be more efficient in our selection processes, minimising the management burden and reducing cost?
In addition to confirming Performance behaviours in a previous role, hiring and development decisions are ehanced with two other factors: Competencies and Potential. Tests of aptitude, or innate ability, are a proven measure of an individual’s potential for success in a role.

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It’s about behaviour and performance

The Psychometric Assessment gives organisations an understanding of how aspects of an individual’s behavioural style will affect his or her performance at work.
Such an insight assists a leadership team identify the best-fit applicants for a given role and improve interview hit rates. From a development perspective we are able to identify future leaders and redeploy talent across the business. This is particularly useful when evaluating the talent pool following a merger /acquisition/ restructure
In addition to recognizing potential we are able to identify what specific areas of development may be progressed. For example an ability exists but isn’t demonstrated in day to day activities, or a motivation exists but ability is lacking. The assessment and can be used in both selection and staff development processes.

Soft skills can be hard

While many Ability Tests on the market today focus on hard skills such as Financial Numeracy or Business Literacy, IQ People are also able to offer Emotional Intelligence ability assessments. Ability tests on Hard Skills and Soft Skills are both important in the relevant environment. So prior to the assessment the Client with IQ People will refine the intended goals of the campaign to ensure the relevant test suite is conducted.

Leadership Interpretation Report have a look

This report produces an output of multiple dimensions in a format that helps line managers interpret and use the information to support hiring or development decisions with minimal training or guidance.  You can view a walk through of one of our reports here Psychometric Assessment Reports

In addition to a written report IQ People recommend a 30 minute confidential debrief with each candidate from our accredited Consultants.
An hour debrief with the leadership team requires an additional investment of time from the team, but has proven to be the most valuable outcome of the exercise as far as the organization is concerned.