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Oh the places you’ll go


There’s a very good reason why the Dr Seuss book “Oh, the place’s you’ll go” has earned a privileged place in the Top 100 Business Books Of All Time.  It’s because people in business understand journeys, successes and failures.  People in business also understand beginnings and endings and beginnings.

iq people certainly understand beginnings and endings and beginnings.  It’s what we do, it’s what we know.  And it’s what we share through our Outplacement Program.

Within a safe environment iq people’s facilitators discuss the fears, the aspirations, the blocks and the tools that take up so much mind traffic for an employee transitioning away from a trusted employer.

With the transparent use of science based Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques our Facilitators are able to coach participants to access their real emotional state and from there begin engagement…begin the journey.

Your employees will be better prepared than most with focused development in the key modules of:

  • Preparing Your Journey
  • Managing Your First ImpressionOutplacement
  • Resume Writing
  • Behavioural Interviewing
  • Phone and Video Interviewing

A lot of time, however, is spent on other tools, tools that will take time to develop and even take time to become aware of.  These tools aren’t defined in practical terms but are covered in discussion and within a safe environment of sharing.  We’re talking about resilience, recognising that low times may come and being confident that they will pass, and having license to feel good about yourself and others, anticipating obstacles and strategies to overcome them.  These are tools that your staff will continue to practice well after the workshop is finished

iq people Outplacement Program provides a 4 hour team workshop with Certified Training Instructors, Structured Learning Environment, and Workbooks.  To really bed down those skills we provide an additional hour to each participant for follow up One on One Coaching in Interviews and Resume Writing with our practicing Consultants.

iq people Outplacement Program provides an authentic view of todays Recruitment Market from the eyes of seasoned professionals.  Professionals who have an undeniable empathy for job seekers of all ages and background.

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