If you weren’t going through a change, or considering a change, it’s pretty unlikely that you would have found this page.

what people think we do

iqpeople fill vacancies and manage temps.  Of course we do, but that’s only part of the answer.

what  we really do

iqpeople ensure your people have the right stuff to achieve your strategic ambitions while absorbing all the distractions life throws at you.  We’re consultative and we assist businesses with three phases

getting a role that matches me Interviews and job placement is what job seekers expect.  But structured position descriptions and job adverts aren’t what they used to be.  For this reason iqpeople get to know you and better understand all of the things a resume can’t cover. We often provide coaching as required, and a range of skills training. These days nobody is an expert on everything, and even you’ve been away from the office for a period of time you may need a refresh on Word, Excel or Powerpoint. We can even help with Social Media skills. IQ People are here to set you up for success…take advantage personality assessment

interview behaviours

and after that? iqpeople help make sure you’re settled into your new role.  We talk about what you’d like to achieve in the first 90 days and how we can help you achieve that.  For us it’s abut focussing on that right level of challenge vs capability.  If you’re not challenged you’ll get bored, if you’re in over your head you’ll be anxious.  We work for your success to get that right, even after you’ve landed the job. the first 90 days

team lead development

individual growth

the next step success for you, and for us too.  We’ll continue to keep in touch as frequently as you want us to be.  You don’t have to move employers, or maybe you want to.  Regardless we can make sure your resume is being shaped in the way that you want it shaped….long before you need it.  This is stuff we know and we love to share resume preparation

how to think about later, now.