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Is your resume blocking your next move?

It’s not fair…your Resume is the most important part of getting the ideal role that will satisfy your lifestyle and allow you to contribute, what, when and how much.

Your Resume is really important, but nobody tells you what they really think about it.

If you don’t get a response you may never know why.

  • Was it the Resume?
  • Was it your actual experience?
  • Maybe it was just sloppy hiring practices?

Success will be an accident unless you know how effective your Resume is.  Your Resume is representing you and is the gateway to your future lifestyle…it’s kind of important.

But first some inside information about Applicant Tracking Systems

IQ People use the Bullhorn ATS to augment our Search phase, and balance this with our own human expertise in the Selection phase.  Applicant Tracking Systems read your resume, index skills and attributes,  and apply automated matches to vacancies as we record them in the future. Bullhorn is a great tool, helping us manage the high volumes of applicants we now face over the internet.  Although we generally review every resume that is received, we often rely on the ATS to match historical resumes that came in some months ago.  Keep in mind larger recruiting firms will only be able to look at the resumes that have been recommended by the ATS.  So you need to know what the robots think about your Resume.

Rezscore will grade your resume from A to F.  Although it is based on USA resume types, which can be different from Australian decision makers, I’ve found the analysis to be useful and accurate.  Certainly it’s still my decision to tailor aspects of the resume but the feedback from Rezscore was free and comprehensive.  And even if you’re reluctant to use a USA based system, keep in mind that many resumes are now read by Applicant Tracking Systems.  So if you can get a  high score with the Rezscore ATS, chances are you’ll appear higher in Searches from Australian based decisionmakers who are also using ATS’s.

Resume Grade BSkills Matrix

jobscan grade

I like many things about Jobscan. Firstly they understand that Australian resumes will be greater than the USA based 750 words.  Secondly you can load up your resume, and load up the Position Description of the job you’re considering.  It will help you hack your resume and match it to job.  Can’t ask for better than that.


Other ATS Resume Checkers you might like to visit are:





So if you’re not getting the interviews, make sure you’re speaking the right language.