Identifying and growing your talent pipeline

Talent Pipeline? It’s more than just filling a job. It’s about developing an engaged and effective team. But what does that mean?

We’re experts, absolute experts in placing and developing Customer Service Teams and Team Leaders, and we have a real strength in IT & T. It’s what we do, it’s what we know, it’s what people expect from us…and we love that.

But our customer value proposition goes well beyond just Search and Selection, we’re actively engaged in developing the careers of our candidates and developing the “employer of choice” status for our clients.

We do this a number of ways and you can check them out from an Employee perspective here and from the Employers point of view  here
TalentPipelineLgeWe’re proud to be supported by some of the best Industrial Psychologists in Australia with the team from MK Insights who direct our Staff Engagement Analytics and conduct assessment and development centres in a way that has never been done before in Australia. Operating out of a state of the art facility, designed and built specifically for observing participants in real life scenarios, our process allows the participant to fully immerse themselves in the experience and creates sustainable behaviour change and maximises skill development.

Using cameras and microphones in every room, feeding images and sounds back to the central control room. This allows participants to work alone in their offices, conducting meetings, working on tasks, and dealing with the daily interruptions inherent in any key position.
Simulations are distinguished by the absence of an observer sitting in the room with participants, which enhances the realism of the process. Their behaviours, interactions with others and conversations are all directly observed and listened to by our team in the central control room. Our process works to reduce and possibly even eliminate the Hawthorne effect (also referred to as the observer effect) which is a type of reactivity in which individuals improve an aspect of their behaviour in response to their awareness of being observed.
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