empty shoes

let us reward you

Do you know some shoes that need filling?

photo of empty shoes

You know it can take a lot of effort to replace a valuable team member.  At IQ People we take great joy in matching our treasured candidates to the right role.

And we really have to keep an eye open for opportunities while we’re getting to know our candidates.  It’s like we need eyes in the back of our head…really.

But if you could help, you know we’d appreciate it.  No, we’d really appreciate it.  Over the next few months we’ll be offering you $400 for every vacancy that you share with us and we’re able to fill.

We love our work and we love working with our candidates and clients, but some days are just too short.  So if you help us help others, we’ll certainly help you.

Let us know about the vacancy you’ve become aware of  by clicking here


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