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You know…you could just leave it another day.  Maybe sometime next week, or think about things and make a definite start, probably next month…things will be clearer then…or not.

womanLook I’m not one to say you’re procrastinating, but if you’ve come this far, you may as well check out what we have to offer.

You’ve looked at this page for a reason, and so it’s probably worth a quick conversation.

The job market is ever changing.  Technology has made a big difference, so has the economy, and…if you’ve noticed…so has our culture.  We’re filling jobs that didn’t even exist 10 years ago, and serving customers that speak languages we’d never heard of.

The point is, if you’ve been a hard working, focused employee, you may not have noticed the shift that we’ve seen with employers.

Advanced technology means some roles are requiring softer skills…skills a lot of practitioners (that’s you) take for granted.  Once upon a time Employers looked for strict formal qualifications, and they’re still valued, but now with tech being efficient we’re looking for behaviours that get things done creatively and with emotional intelligence.  That’s where the competitive advantage is.

If you have great interpersonal skills, if you have leadership to identify and do the things that need doing, (even when it’s not your job), if you’re curious or courageous, if you can learn and adapt.  If you just have some or one of these attributes we’d love to hear from you.

Because your work could get a lot more interesting.

Send through your resume and here and lets start the conversation.

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