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size does matter

Nobody starts a small business to stay a small business. Especially a Temp and Perm recruitment agency.  And we all knew that it would take a lot of effort and knowledge for iq people to grow significantly…and we put that effort in.

We surrounded ourselves with good people, people with a belief in other people, you know candidates and clients.  People like us, but with 8470271681_35226b225c_k1different backgrounds.

Well you know we learned a lot, and with lots of successes and lots of failures we became experts, especially when we failed.  But we always focused on people.  Office Administration Candidates looking for better opportunities and Clients looking for engaged staff.

Well it turned out we really liked helping these folks and they really liked our help.

It’s no surprise then that we never became a big company, we just couldn’t pull ourselves away from the conversations…I think they were important conversations…and they still are.

At iq people we’re humbled when Candidates and Staff trust us with their careers and their enterprise.  We may never become a big company and that’s ok.

Why don’t you take some time out to have a conversation with us, you can find us here


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