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Can you feel it?  You’re about to make a change…and so are we


Let’s face it you wouldn’t have found yourself on this site unless you’re thinking about making a change, either for your team or for your own career.  And when we’re about to make a change that relates to people…well anything can happen.  So don’t try and hide your excitement, it’s contagious.


We know because we’re making changes too.  Like you, our business and our way of engaging customers is changing.  Our team became iq people because we liked engaging with people.  But you know, there’s process, and procedure and compliance and deadlines.  Well we still have the deadlines and we still have rock solid compliance, but here’s the thing, we’re automating our process so we can have more time working with the people we love working with.  People like you.  So browse our new website and you’ll see on-line time sheets, and on-line job portals.  We’re going to work, respectively, within social media to keep in touch – but not too much.  We’re already making it easier to represent the best of our clients values so we can promote their position as employers of choice for their target audience.  A lot has changed in our industry, and a lot has changed with our customers.  There’s a need to capture attention through genuine authentication and relevance.  We know, and guess what, we like that too.

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