DIY Talent Management or Flow DIY Talent Management or Flow

DIY Talent Management or Flow

When hiring Office Administrator Temp and Perm staff in Melbourne, it is no different from anywhere else, Perforance and Engagement are key. In his book, and Ted Talk, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi introduces not only the importance of getting into a state of flow at work, but how to establish the conditions that maintain it.  One of those key conditions is performing a challenging role that you have been prepared for through previous skills development. It’s a great day when you and your staff are focusing on the challenges that you’ve spent your career preparing for.  At IQ People that means working at Hiring and Managing our Permanent and Casual Employee teams.  A bad day is when I procrastinated about finding replacements for our Photocopier or compa

Is your resume blocking your next move? Is your resume blocking your next move?

Is your resume blocking your next move?

It’s not fair…your Resume is the most important part of getting the ideal role that will satisfy your lifestyle and allow you to contribute, what, when and how much. Your Resume is really important, but nobody tells you what they really think about it. If you don’t get a response you may never know why. Was it the Resume? Was it your actual experience? Maybe it was just sloppy hiring practices? Success will be an accident unless you know how effective your Resume is.  Your Resume is representing you and is the gateway to your future lifestyle…it’s kind of important. But first some inside information about Applicant Tracking Systems IQ People use the Bullhorn ATS to augment our Search phase, and balance this with our own human expertise in the Selection phase

Hiring Temps or Perm Hiring Temps or Perm

Hiring Temps or Perm

There is only one consideration when deciding between hiring a temp or a perm employee, risk.  Risk is about uncertainty Uncertainty Sucks If you’re uncertain about workload increasing or decreasing over the next 24 months than you probably want to consider temporary staff. similarly if this is a new position (or you’re a new leader) you may not have had the time to clarify the role in a really meaningful way.  This means not just defining the position description and Key Performance Indicators, but really understanding all of the other events that will impact on the success of this role and the behaviours your employee will need to demonstrate to realise success.  Keep in mind this isn’t a Temp to Perm arrangement (see below) it’s more

Powering Utilities Powering Utilities

Powering Utilities

Quality service isn’t always about speed Except that sometimes it is.  iq people have been providing employees to energy and utilities in Victoria for more than 10 years.  Because we understand this industry we’re able to match people to positions quickly…Well it seems quick but actually we’re working with the candidates long before the roles become available.  That’s actually what we get paid for…the hours that we’ve invested in selection and assessment.

Identifying and growing your talent pipeline Identifying and growing your talent pipeline

Identifying and growing your talent pipeline

Talent Pipeline? It’s more than just filling a job. It’s about developing an engaged and effective team. But what does that mean? We’re experts, absolute experts in placing and developing Customer Service Teams and Team Leaders, and we have a real strength in IT & T. It’s what we do, it’s what we know, it’s what people expect from us…and we love that. But our customer value proposition goes well beyond just Search and Selection, we’re actively engaged in developing the careers of our candidates and developing the “employer of choice” status for our clients. We do this a number of ways and you can check them out from an Employee perspective here and from the Employers point of view  here We’r

size does matter size does matter

size does matter

Nobody starts a small business to stay a small business. Especially a Temp and Perm recruitment agency.  And we all knew that it would take a lot of effort and knowledge for iq people to grow significantly…and we put that effort in. We surrounded ourselves with good people, people with a belief in other people, you know candidates and clients.  People like us, but with different backgrounds. Well you know we learned a lot, and with lots of successes and lots of failures we became experts, especially when we failed.  But we always focused on people.  Office Administration Candidates looking for better opportunities and Clients looking for engaged staff. Well it turned out we really liked helping these folks and they really liked our help. It’s no s

we get beyond first impressions we get beyond first impressions

we get beyond first impressions

We’re a community and we’re locals.  At IQ People we get beyond the first impression, OK so we all have professional faces and Employees and Employers, and we can be a little more anonymous on line, but we’re all real people. And through genuine discussion we identify personal asprirations, business objectives, things you’re good at, and corporate competencies. Through that dialogue we’re able to match the right people to the right challenge. Let’s start your conversation today

let’s start the conversation let’s start the conversation

let's start the conversation

You know…you could just leave it another day.  Maybe sometime next week, or think about things and make a definite start, probably next month…things will be clearer then…or not. Look I’m not one to say you’re procrastinating, but if you’ve come this far, you may as well check out what we have to offer. You’ve looked at this page for a reason, and so it’s probably worth a quick conversation. The job market is ever changing.  Technology has made a big difference, so has the economy, and…if you’ve noticed…so has our culture.  We’re filling jobs that didn’t even exist 10 years ago, and serving customers that speak languages we’d never heard of. The point is, if you’ve been a



Kind Words From Happy Campers

What other people thought about the service provided by Jobify

“I was provided wonderful guidance, assistance and suggestions while going through the process of seeking a new role. I was notified about my current role via IQ People and was given tremendous support during this process – a comprehensive overview of the job role was provided as well as a detailed summary of the company to help prepare me for the role-which I got!” Wes

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I can’t thank enough your recruitment agent…sought me out a job at ORIGIN ENERGY as a collections consultant as a casual !!!  Thanks to her and 3 years down the track I’m a very high performing , award winning credit consultant with a permanent position earning 75K PER ANNUM !!!  Chilling thing here is I went to talk to her 3 yrs ago to fix me a warehouse job !!!! Vijay

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When we asked for feedback from our client Pacific Hydro about our recent placement Krystle Brewer, we were blown away. Not just by Krystle’s impact (we kind’ve expected that) but by Pacific Hydro’s appreciation of Krystle’s special talents for turning around difficult situations and always maintaining a sense of calm that benefits others. Pacific Hydro documented the Krystle effect below as a testament to what real collaboration looks like, and then we shaped it into an infographic, cos it’s worth sharing. We’re grateful to work with clients like Pacific Hydro who “get it” when it comes to valuing authentic engagement, and of course we’re grateful for Krystle who walks the talk.

logo Pacific Hydro

Rae-Line has been using IQ People to supply permanent staff for our manufacturing facility in Kilsyth for 4 years now. Being smaller than some of the larger agencies has allowed them to get to really know our business and as a result their strike rate is fantastic.
They understand the type of person who fits in and therefore works out at Rae-Line and as a result we do not waste time “trying out” prospective employees that were never going to fit our culture. Brett Vorhauer Managing Director

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Personally, I couldn’t thank you enough for coming over to Adelaide to support us .

The timing too was perfect, I mean two days before we left , you can imagine how fragile we were before you came in .

After catching up with you it all changed, it felt better, a big weight off my shoulders and I can tell you now, I am ready.

I am so grateful too for both your honesty and valuable advice when going through my resume, I will make the necessary changes as advised by yourself.

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